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5 Steps To Improve Your Laptop Lifespan

Do you find your expensive laptop is getting slower? The laptop is not producing that level of performance which was a few months back. Yes, over the passage of time, the laptops start lowering down their performances. There is the lifespan of everything, and laptop as well reaches that lifespan and die. This is a machine and like other machines, they are also subject to wear and tear. You see every machine over the spending of the time reaches at their end. Is there any solution what could make us expand the lifespan of laptops or computers?

Yes, it is all about care, the care what you do for your family, your kids.

You need to use them wisely, carefully and in the end, should regularly clean them. There are certain ways by following which you can expand the lifespan of your machine. If you do not care about your machine, or use them roughly, at the end of the day, like human beings they will fell sick eventually die. Show some love, some care it will keep the machine performing well and have a longer tenure what you expect.

You see like other electronics machine, laptops also composed of different electronics components. You see RAM, Hard disk, GPU, CPU and other parts of the computer. So, if you could just give some time to them for maintaining, you will surely get a longer life span than expected.

Why Do Laptops Last Shorter Lifespan?

You see computers compare to the laptops enjoy a longer lifespan. They come cheaper than laptops, they outperform the laptops in performance, and they last longer lifespan, what is the reason behind this?

Computers come in bigger sizes. They are manufactured in a way that air could cross between the different components. Their different components are not designed tightly into one compact shape. So, they can have a longer life span than laptops.

On the other hands, they are compact and have minimal ventilation and we use to carry them along so they are more susceptible to wear and tear. So, these are the ways what we are going to share with you to expand the life expectancy of your laptop. There are plenty of ways which can help you to extend the lifespan, but these are proven and most useful.

Tips To Improve Lifespan Laptops

I guess you already know the average lifespan of a laptop lies around 2-3 years. And if you do not care about your machine, and use it roughly, it can go lower than this.

If you are interested in dropping big money for replacement of this machine, you need to have certain measurements to extend its life. So, have a detailed insight into those measures and see how these tips help you to get longer life expectancy.

1. Try to keep it cool

laptop Cooler

I want to tell you that, if you are the one who loves to use laptop putting in your lap, you better stop it. An uneven surface such as blanket, pillows and lumbar are the worst surface to place a laptop. Like, what I have seen many of my friends using laptops on beds. If you are among them, you better stop it. These kinds of soft surface stop the air flow and the machine starts absorbing that heat which eventually kills it.

The fans need unobstructed air cross so that the chips instilled in this could function properly. You should use laptops on a smooth and rigid surface and must use laptops cooling pads if you use laptops for prolonged hours. For gamers, this would be ideal to have a good quality cooling pad and use them before getting indulged in extended gaming sessions.

There is a wide range of options that you can have in cooling pads, check amazon. Still, if you find your machine catching too much heat, you need to have a diagnostic test of it. You can have software to have the diagnostic test, and see what is making your computer hotter.

2. Clean your laptop’s hardware

Cleaning laptop hardware

Computer catches heat and dirt. Especially, the fan which is placed to put off the heat from the internal organs of the machine, the fan stars catching the dirt and eventually stops working. Once the machine’s fan stops working, you should count the days when will the machine die.

Other parts of the computers such as a keyboard, trackpad area, and the frame of the computer, also catch dirt. Once you could open your laptop and see the Keyboard, you will find it dirtier than toilet seats. So, it would be a great idea to clean your machine regularly, and if you are a novice, does not know how to open the case, you should visit the service center. They are not going to cost your arms and legs, ideal to get your laptop cleansed.

Once the internal fan stops working, the heat tends to remain within the system, which leads it to overheat. In some cases, if you play lots of video games, you see the internal parts melt. If you clean the system regularly especially the fans, the life expectancy of the machine boost.

3. Optimize start-up programs

Optimize start up programs

When we start our laptop, we see that some programs automatically start running without our instructions. These are called start-up programs, if you have enabled too much of start up the program, this is going to slow down the performance of the computer, as they are running behind and eating up the overall performance of your CPU. Like, when you open your computer, you see MSN, MS office and other programs come in a pattern. You need to have only those programs to run automatically which are important to you.

If you do not know how to disable the unimportant and unnecessary startup have a look at here. Click on Start, type Run, and Type MSConfig, a box will pop-up. Click on the startup, and you see the list of all programs which runs with your systems. This will be a long list, and you have no need to be shocked. Just uncheck all the unnecessary programs what you do not need on the go.

You are done and after clicking on OK you can go and restart your computer.

4. Protect your battery

Protect Laptop battery

For laptops, the battery is one of the most important and vital organs. If your laptop has started declining the overall battery time, you need to think to safeguard your battery.

For the people who use laptops as computers, like usually spend at one place and working on it. They should not use the battery of the laptop at all. For them, it would be good to remove the battery and just plug in your machine and have the battery on while going off. Or if you cannot afford to remove the battery, and feel it awkward, you should stop leaving your laptop plugged in for 24/7.

I have seen many people saying that the laptop holds a fixed number of charges and if you eject the charger, the total charge fixed will start lowering. The fact is if you plug in charge for hours and days, this degrades the overall battery life. And your laptop will start showing and you will be shocked in the end.

Get this habit of unplugging the laptop after you see the laptop has completed the charging and at its full throttle. Plugin the charger again when you see the battery drain down to 20-30 percent, not completely dead. Once you start doing this, the life expectancy of the battery and laptop will increase.

5. Upgrade the components

Upgrade Laptop components

This is the ideal way to increase the longevity of the laptop. Rather have a new machine in hand; spending good money, you should replace the different components after using them.

Like, if your laptop has a traditional hard drive, and you see the performance and loading time is increasing, you should replace the traditional Hard disk to Solid-state drive (SSD).

SSD is the future of hard disk drive and loads your data faster compared to HDD drive. You will see a boost in the performance of the machine. In the same way, if you have a 4GB RAM, you can replace it with 8-16GB RAM as per your preferences and needs. You also should replace the battery if the laptop’s battery drains or has completely died.


These are the most important and useful ways to protect the longevity of your laptop. Follow these practices and you will have your laptop in better shape and does not need to be replaced for many years.

And once you see a problem is halting the overall performance of the system, get that problem or error fixed. If you do not get it fixed right now, it can affect the other components of the laptops, and overall performance will be down.

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