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10 Best Gaming Laptops 2019

Best Gaming LaptopsIn search of an ideal laptop for gaming? You are in the right place! This article is meant to recommend the best gaming laptops in the year 2019. Whether you fancy a powerful laptop or an inexpensive one, all categories are considered as a light in weight, good in outlook, premium, thin and sleek, etc. This guide will help you to find the best laptop that best suits your needs.

A gaming machine with high power, high-quality graphics support, and high resolution are not less than a blessing for gaming lovers. The point is that you must pay for a laptop, so it is better to look at both aspects, both pricing, and the laptop’s specs.

Selection the best gaming laptop in 2019 relies on how far you can stretch your budget range. While looking for a gaming laptop, you must be finding one that has an RTX 2060 or 2070 card in it, at least, a 120Hz IPS screen with a built-in i7 processor. You must not settle for 16GB RAM until and unless you have a budget issue. Find a laptop that is equipped with at least a 256GB of SSD for booting. An NVMe variant will be best for this purpose. In case you have a small primary storage space its best to add some secondary storage to your laptop, for example, use a 1TB of HDD. 1TB SSD is accepted as an ideal standard for a gaming laptop.

These were the main points to consider while buying a gaming laptop. But the other things depend on you. If you are a movie-lover you need an OLED screen, if you travel much, you will require more battery life, and if you have a tight budget, you will have to sacrifice a bit from the power feature.

Here is the list of the best gaming laptops this year, handpicked by our team of experts.

Best Gaming Laptops in 2019

1. Razer Blade 15 

It is called a refreshed or an advanced model with the same CNC-milled aluminum chassis as its previous model. But this new one is equipped with the latest Nvidia graphics chips from the RTX family of Turing architecture-based GPUs.

This laptop has the capability of running ray-traced Metro Exodus with high-level visual settings at 50fps. According to our testing, this laptop’s battery life is 5 hours and 1 minute. It is no more the lightest and sleekest laptop although this RTX 2080 model is expensive but still a long-lasting premium laptop for gaming.

This laptop is for sure going to replace both your desktop PC and your computer as well. Its touchpad resembles the one present on a MacBook trackpad. You will rarely find this powerful feature in any other Windows notebook. The Razer Blade 15 is available i=abundantly in various flavors. It comes with an RTX 2080 configuration, 4K graphics with Max-Q graphics card and an OLED screen.

The Razer Blade 15 advanced model is the top-notch gaming laptop in the market currently. Until and unless some of its competitors come up to the plate to contest this great achievement, it will continue staying in this top-position.

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The Key Points

  1. Best gaming laptop in the year 2019
  2. Unparalleled build quality
  3. Wide range of CPU/GPU options
  4. Costs more for the same
  5. No longer thinnest or lightest
  6. Not changed since the advent of the original Razer Blade 15 in spring 2018.

2. MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 

According to our tests and survey, the GS65 Stealth Thin is the best gaming laptop in the year 2018. This laptop is versatile in its outlook and an all-rounder containing a long list of impressive specs. It is effortless and convenient to carry around as it is sleek, sturdy, and light in weight. It has a matte black-colored aluminum body which has gold permissions on it that feel luxe. It is 18mm thick and has a 4.9mm bezel screen. It is approximately an inch smaller in size than other 15-inch screen laptops.

Its specifications are enough for supporting most of the recent modern games in 2019. The product won’t do any ray-tracing. The MSI GS65 thin models are in transition currently as tracking down a 1070 build is a bit hectic job. You can buy a 1060 model which offers a 16GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD with much less price. However, after this price-cut, the performance will also be a bit less than the better models. The 2017 models are also a good option for you, but they are costly ones. These are super-expensive, but we didn’t find any new exceptional thing in this model during testing.

There are several interesting details of the GS65 model which make this model a worth-buying one. These include a responsive, reliable, and an RGB-lit keypad from SteelSeries, a webcam and a fluent touchpad.

A drawback here is the unavailability of the G-Sync gaming feature. But this drawback can be considered a positive point, as it allows for a low cost and battery life. The battery lasts for a whole day of net surfing, e-mail, and live streaming.

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The Key Points

  1. 2018’s champion is still the best gaming laptop to many people
  2. Sleek and powerful
  3. Long battery life
  4. 144Hz screen
  5. No G-Sync

3. Acer Predator Helios 300 

Acer’s Predator Helios 300 has an impossible value proposition. It is equipped with a GTX 1060GB graphics card that supports 60fps setting in most games. The missing features are the fancy screen specs, for instance, the G-Syn for gaming. You can add additional HDD for backing up the 256GB SSD. These missing minor things do not matter when the product has such a decent and reasonable price tag. You don’t need to compromise on the specifications you need from a portable gaming machine by buying this budget-friendly model by Acer.

It offers a 1060 GPU along with a 144Hz screen resolution. Spacious 1TB HDD and a 256GB SSD provides suitable storage space for your games and other data. You can et this HDD and SSD at $1,149 by NewEgg, where you are offered a free mouse and mousepad along with a saving of $300.  The 1TB HDD tends to increase the price up to $1200, but here you can get this feature at comparatively less price.

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The Key Points

  1. The best budget gaming laptop featuring GTX 1060 graphics
  2. Incredible value
  3. Decent battery life
  4. Built-in 1060 GPU
  5. Suitable aesthetics

4. Lenovo Legion Y740

The Lenovo’s laptops have existed for a past few years but currently, the Lenovo’s Legion laptops have earned a top-notch position in the gaming industry. This is because of the special specifications it offers. Rather than doing business on a variety of products, the Chinese Technology company focuses on producing maximum performance from the cheapest materials possible. The main point is that it still does not compromise on the laptop design, working, and quality.

The company is known for its ThinkPads. The Lenovo Legion Y740 is clear evidence which follows this very principle. This gaming laptop comes with a 17.3-inch screen and has a graphic chip range from Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 chip to the 2080 chip. The body of this laptop is comparatively thinner than previous models. The bezels are a bit bigger than the earlier versions and are a little distracting as well. But the full blooming Dolby Vision HDR, fluid 144Hz IPS display outshines the big bezels drawback. G-Sync is present, so there is no need for adaptive sync protocols like sync.

The laptop features another impressive Dolby technology, the Atmos for audio.  The Y740 sound is backed up by a finely tuned soundbar which emits a wide range of frequencies. Its Windows 10 OS has a built-in Atmos software too. The EQ profiles can be customized from this software, and the orientation of speakers can also be set up.

The Key Points

  1. A powerful RTX-capable 17.3-inch gaming laptop
  2. Excellent performance
  3. Reasonable price range
  4. Extremely small-sized touchpad
  5. Dated outward design

5. Acer Predator Triton 500

Not every gamer fancies a potent laptop or a very slim and sleek one. A suitable balance between the two features will be a better choice. The Acer Predator Triton 500 focuses on maintaining an appropriate balance between performance, price, power, portability, etc. This Max-Q notebook is equipped with an RTX 2080, with a price of around $2,499. Another version, that is, the RTX 2060 can also be found around a price range of $1,799.

In both cases, the laptop is worth buying as it offers the best settings for Metro Exodus and allows ray-tracing at a pace of about 56fps. This gaming laptop has a 1.7mm keyboard which is very comfortable and convenient to use. The laptop comes with a reliable and responsive Microsoft precision touchpad, that you will surely love to use. The only drawback of this product is that it gets a bit noisy during the default boot-up process. However, you can surely tolerate this start-up noise because of the other attractive feature this laptop offers.

The Key Points

  1. Real-time ray tracing, truly portable
  2. Affordable range of prices
  3. Top-notch performance
  4. Durable battery life
  5. Awful boot-up sound

6. MSI GL63 8RC 

The MSI GL63 8RC can be your best choice if you are focusing on the price feature while buying a gaming laptop. With a price tag as low as $649.99 during the sale, this GL63 8RC laptop is powered by Intel i5 8300H. It has 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The screen has thin bezels which usually are not available in this price range. This product comes with an in-built Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050. The major drawback of this gaming laptop is the absence of SSD. It is equipped with a 1TB HDD which is quite spacious to keep all your games and files.

This is one of the most inexpensive gaming laptops which comes with a GTX 1050 discrete graphics card. The cost of this laptop is a bit more than the Acer Aspire E 15, but this GF63 laptop gives 67% better performance during gaming. It has an exponentially high performance when we compare it to other laptops with the same integrated graphics. In case you have a tight budget, then this laptop offers you all you require in a laptop.

The Key Points

  1. Best entry-level gaming laptop
  2. Thin bezels screen
  3. Easy to upgrade RAM and storage
  4. No in-built SSD

7. Gigabyte Aero 15X v8

Gigabyte’s Aero 15X was the first thin Max-Q laptop which came to our notice, and the 2018 Aero 15X v8 refresh is a promising entry in this field. This laptop version fixes several issues present in its predecessor and keeps all the good points of the previous versions. Keypad working is much improved after updating the driver and the screen after being upgraded to snappy 144Hz panel.

In contrast with the Razer Blade 15 and MSI GS65, this Aero 15x has an unattractive body which also has sharp edges. However, the enhanced productivity achieved by a 94Whr battery outshines this little drawback. When we carried out the video streaming test, its battery lasted for more than 6 hours. In GS65, the battery lasted for only four and a half hours. Aero 15x has a 4k screen and a refresh rate of 1080p. Keeping a refresh rate of 1080p is what we recommend for all gamers.

The Key Points

  1. Productivity powerhouse with durable battery life
  2. Beautiful high-resolution screen
  3. Powerful laptop
  4. Rough edges
  5. Some driver issues out of the box

8. MSI GS75 Stealth

This laptop has an elegant aluminum body with a black and gold design, inspired by GS65 Stealthy Thin laptop that came before it. The MSI GS75 focuses on getting the maximum performance and developing a thin, slim, and light-weight body. The laptop comes with a GeForce RTX graphics card from Nvidia, which is capable of ray-tracing. It is powered with Intel Core i7-8750H processor which is quite powerful, and you can buy any configuration for this.

Each new version of this laptop becomes a hard-to-buy product for budget-tight gamers. The model we are reviewing here is the utmost expensive model which constitutes a Max Q-size RTX 2080 paired with a 32GB RAM. The screen comes with 1080p with a pace of 87fps. This laptop is easy to carry around as it weighs less than 5 pounds.

The Key Points

  1. A 2080 gaming laptop, at a hefty price
  2. Sleek look
  3. Potent RTX graphics
  4. Uncomfortable touchpad

9. Asus ROG Strix GL503VS

While buying a gaming laptop, you need to pick up any two factors from the three: performance, portability, and price. Performance and portability are offered by thin and light-weight laptops. However, the Asus ROG Strix GL503VS-DH74 Scar Edition instead, satisfies the first and third factors, that is, price and performance. GL503VS comes with a regular, non-Max-Q GTX 1070 GPU unit.

When we tested its performance, it came out to be 15% more than the previous versions, and the price got a bit lower than them as well. It utilizes the old gen quad-core CPU, but this is not an issue in most of the games. The GL503VS is equipped with a G-Sync on a144Hz panel. However, this tradeoff makes you miss out on Nvidia’s Optimus battery technology. Well, you must not expect the battery duration to be more than two hours a day. When you need to travel with your laptop, it’s better to keep your charger with you!

The Key Points

  1. Bigger body, better performance
  2. Full-power but a non-Max-Q GTX 1070
  3. Great SSD
  4. Bulky
  5. Less battery life

10. Dell Inspiron 15 7567

If you want an inexpensive laptop that can play less-demanding and light games like indies and others, then here’s the best choice for you! Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series is the ticket for you!

The 7567 model of this laptop comes with a GTX 1050 Ti, an upgrade of the bottom-barrel GTX 1050 model. It can’t support massive and modern games and don’t offer high graphics settings. If you want to play lighter games like indies, then go for this one, as 7567 is an excellent lo1-budget option.

Additionally, the 7567 is equipped with a robust and powerful 74 Whr battery that lasts for more than four hours, relying on the type of workload. It is the best laptop for those gamers who travel or need to take a laptop at their school.

The Key Points

  1. A reasonably priced laptop
  2. Perfect for indies and other less-demanding games
  3. Reliable battery life
  4. Not very powerful
  5. Cheap plastic feel

What makes a laptop better than the other for a gamer?

The answer includes many factors like performance, portability, price, connectivity, lightweight, high-end hardware, fast frame rates, high resolution, and great displays, spacious storage space, long-lasting battery life, graphics quality and so on.

Maybe value is what matters the most. For a low price, several gamers out there can willingly compromise on graphics. Isn’t it so? Of course not! Performance and other factors are also considered. You may choose any one of the laptops we discussed in this article according to what suits you. However, among these ten best laptops of 2019, the first one, that is, is the best among all others.

We carried out these tests for measuring the performance and productivity of gaming laptops enlisted in this article:

  • PCMark 10 Express
  • Cinebench 15
  • 3DMark Fire Strike
  • CrystalDisk QD32 Read and Write

For gaming, we utilized built-in benchmarks on Division 2, Total War: Warhammer II, and Metro Exodus. Tests were carried out at 1080p with the highest graphics settings, where the V-sync and G-Sync were kept disabled unless the laptop under consideration has a more top resolution display and high-resolution supportive hardware. Then, we tested at FHD and QHD, or QHD and 4K. All tests were performed several times to ensure avoidance of thermal throttling and elimination of erroneous results.

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